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Contacting Supply Chain Management (SCM)

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to Aptiv, please initiate contact with the appropriate person as determined from the list below. The products we buy are categorized into four Category groups: Connectivity Systems & Components, Electrical/Electronic Components, Raw Material Mechanical Value Stream, and Indirect and Machinery & Equipment.

Category Contacts:

Connectivity Systems & Components
Cable, Harness Coverings, Connection Systems, Relays, and Circuit Protection, Wiring Harness

Electrical/Electronic Components
Infotainment & Interface, Printed Circuit Boards, Product Software/License/Royalies, Semiconductors, Speciality Electronics, Standard Electronic.

Raw Material Mechanical Value Stream
Aluminum, Castings / Forgings, Fasteners, Machined Parts, Motors & Electromagnetic Devices, Powder Metal, Specialty Materials, Specific Assembilies & Processes, Springs, Stampings, Steel, Tubing.Copper, Precious Group Metals, Solder & Plating, Plastics, Resin & Chemical Materials, Rubber & Die Cut Foam

Indirect and Machinery & Equipment
Goods and services that are procured for the support of the manufactured products and processes (i.e. not directly shipped to the customer).  The categories include Corporate Services, Industrial Supplies, Facility Services, Materials Management, Machinery & Equipment, and Information Technology.

If you feel that your product may be unique to one sector, region, or division, or if you need to speak with someone in another function, please click the appropriate link below.

Other Contacts: