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Supplier Quality Documents

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SPDP Tasks Overview
A brief description of each of the SPDP tasks that the supplier is involved with.

APQP Forms

APQP Forms
The documents listed within the APQP Forms section are are included in the APQP Forms document as individual sheets.  You can navigate to the respective document from the Table of Contents Sheet, or by just clicking the sheet names at the bottom.
SPDP Appendix 8 - APQP Open Issues
A documented spreadsheet of open issues that surface during the APQP phase.
SPDP Appendix 9 - APQP Open Issues Timing Plan
A chart that documents the expected APQP deliverables and timing for completion of APQP requirements.
SPDP Appendix 21 - APQP Contact List 10-OCT-2018
SPDP Appendix 11 - AIAG Checklists 11-DEC-2017
SPDP Appendix 6_1 - Program Review Summary   (Landscape)
(Replaces both paper and electronic versions)
SPDP Appendix 15 - Run@Rate Worksheet
Worksheets used to verify and document the status of a Run@Rate. The worksheets included in the file are the following:
  • Capacity Plan
  • Run @ Rate Plan
  • Multiple Actual Run Data Sheets
  • Run @ Rate Summary Data
  • Run @ Rate Review Worksheet
  • Run @ Rate Status Form
  • Extended Run @ Rate
  • Run @ Rate Exemption Form
PFMEA Rankings  (Severity, Occurrence, Detection) 11-DEC-2017

Additional SPDP Appendices

SPDP Appendix 3 - Required Quality Information
Request for Quote requirement for parts designated as high risk by the Aptiv buyer. Document specifies all the quality documentation required to be returned with the suppliers response to the Request for Quote for high risk parts.
SPDP Appendix 13.2 - PFD (Process Flow Diagram) form
 Aptiv's approach to documenting the flow of a manufacturing process. The scope of Aptiv's approach is to ensure that typical 'hidden factory' processes are included in the PFD and evaluated as part of the PFMEA.
SPDP Appendix 13.3 - Process & Design Failure Mode and Effects (PFMEA & DFMEA) form
An electronic forms for documenting and communicating the Process and Design FMEA activity.
SPDP Appendix 18 - Lessons Learned Criteria Checklist 15-NOV-2017
SPDP Appendix 20.1 - Supplier PPAP Submission Requirements 04-DEC-2017
SPDP Appendix 20.2 - PPAP Review Checklist 04-DEC-2017
SPDP Appendix 20.3 - Aptiv Supplier Quality Interim PPAP Worksheet 29-NOV-2017
SPDP Appendix 28 - Gage Design and Gage Build Approval Status 11-DEC-2017
SPDP Appendix 31.1 - Supplier Quality Action Plans
Document used to systematically track and reinforce supplier quality improvement plans for problem suppliers.
SPDP Appendix 31.2 -  Gate Chart
Supplier Quality Problem Tracking.
SPDP Appendix 32 - Supplier Change Request Program
Application to be utilized by suppliers to request a change to a part. Aptiv approval is required before any change is implemented. Application to be used as needed.
SPDP Appendix 41 - 5 Why Chart
Tool used to aid in identifying the root cause of a problem
SPDP Appendix 42.1 - Instructions
Instructions explaining the 5 why problem solving approach.
SPDP Appendix 42.2 - Critique Sheet
Instructions explaining the 5 why problem solving approach.
Layered Audit 15-NOV-2017
SPDP Appendix 57.3 - Step Down Chart 11-DEC-2017
Look Across Example 15-NOV-2017


Supplier Containment
This procedure outlines Aptiv's requirements for implementing both Proactive and Reactive containment by the supplier. The procedure applies to all parts, materials or processes produced for Aptiv.
Early Production Containment Training 11-DEC-2017
Extended Downtime Checklist 11-DEC-2017
SPDP Appendix 58.1 - Manufacturing Capability Assessment 13-JUN-2018
SPDP Appendix 60 - Containment Checklist 11-DEC-2017

Product Safety Officer (PSO)

Product Safety Officer (PSO) 11-DEC-2017