Aptiv Supplier Portal

 ***** Important Notice – Application Availability & New Aptiv Supplier Portal Registration ***** 

Please note that as of Monday Sept. 23rd '19 Problem Solver and Scorecard are no longer available on the Covisint Supplier Portal and can now only be accessed now from the new Aptiv Supplier Portal. The Covisint Portal will be fully decommissioned in the coming weeks, therefore Aptiv requires that if not already all Direct Suppliers immediately register their active locations that interact with Aptiv on the new Aptiv Supplier Portal so that you can access these applications going forward.

If you have not already registered all of your locations and you have not already received an invitation email (to register) then please contact the registration team at aptiv.scm-portal@aptiv.com or check out the new Aptiv Supplier Portal at  https://supplierportal.aptiv.com  for more information. Finally, please note that "Supplier Suggestion Change Request" will remain on the current Covisint portal until Thursday October 3rd '19 @ 5.00 PM EST before being shut down and moved to the New Aptiv Supplier Portal where it will be made available to all users once again from Monday October 7th @ 05:00 AM.

The purpose of the Aptiv Supplier Portal (ASP) is to provide suppliers with information about doing business with Aptiv and access to the Aptiv Supplier Portal applications.

Information about doing business with Aptiv can be found under Frequently Used Documents.

Suppliers must be registered to the ASP to access the Aptiv Supplier Portal applications (e.g. Global Web EDI, Aptiv ePayments, Aptiv Problem Solver, Supplier Profile, Supplier Scorecard, etc.).  To begin the registration process, review the Supplier Portal Registration Quick Reference or click on Registration in the above menu bar.  Portal application training and supplier process training is available by clicking on Training in the above menu bar.

For questions or more information, click on Contact Aptiv in the above menu bar.

Frequently Used Documents