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Aptiv requires its suppliers to participate in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for the receipt of the Material Forecast (DELFOR) message and Shipment Requirements (DELJIT) message.   Suppliers are also required to transmit an Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) in the form of a Despatch Advice (DESADV) message to the appropriate Aptiv plants at the time of shipment.  Aptiv uses the EDIFACT D97A message standard for this electronic trading.  Every supplier is expected to become certified for these documents prior to establishing a production relationship with any Aptiv division.

Aptiv has partnered with GXS to conduct this supplier EDI certification. Aptiv is using Net Community Manager (NCM), GXS's web-based ramping tool, to perform automated testing of the required EDI documents. NCM is free to all suppliers and contains all the necessary information to initiate and complete the certification process.

Suppliers who are not able to conduct EDI please refer to "EDI WEB OPTION" below.

How It Works

US, ASPAC and EMEA suppliers:

Once we received a request that a supplier needs to undergo certification process. We will send an initial email asking if they will agree to use Traditional EDI or WEB-EDI and if they are EDI-Capable. If they confirmed that they will use Traditional EDI, we will send the NOTIFICATION to them, we will wait for them to respond to that notification by registering on the NCM site. We send 3 Notifications and each have 3 days interval.

  FIRST NOTIFICATION; is our initial add link for letter (click here for example).

  SECOND NOTIFICATION; after 3 days of not responding to us, we will now send this notification to remind them of the existing request (click here for example).

  FINAL NOTIFICATION; this is the last notification that we will tell them to respond to our letter for them to get started.

After 3 days of still not responding to us, we will then escalate this to Aptiv for them to follow-up on this supplier on the business level. Once it has reached this incident, it might affect the suppliers rating with Aptiv.


NCM REGISTRATION: the supplier will have to fill-out company information and permanent user login details in order for them to gain access in NCM. The invitation code found on the letter is just a temporary access on the NCM site and it will soon expire.

NCM TESTING PHASE: this is the core of the whole Supplier certification testing. This testing phase will test the DELFOR, DELJIT and DESADV messages connectivity, validation and mapping.



    The supplier receives all the specifications and documentations found in NCM for the whole testing.

    Aptiv DELJIT EDI Guidelines
    Aptiv DELFOR EDI Guidelines
    NCM FAQs
    Aptiv DESADV EDI Guidelines
    Aptiv Supplier Portal
    Aptiv Supplier Certification FAQs
    Aptiv EDI FAQs
    Aptiv CONTRL EDI Guidelines
    Aptiv APERAK EDI Guidelines
    Aptiv RECADV EDI Guidelines
    Aptiv ORDERS EDI Guidelines
    Aptiv ORDCHG EDI Guidelines
    NCM Survey (Hardcopy)
    Aptiv Lean Ordering FAQ
    Aptiv Lean Ordering differences in EDI from I-Supply



    E & S (Delco Electronics & Safety)

    Powertrain (DP)

    Packard (DCS)

    After Market (DPSS)

    Packard China (DPE)

    Packard Lean Ordering
    On this task, we will check if they can receive our test DELFOR using their valid mailbox ID. Suppliers also take time here to make sure that their system can correctly interpret the DELFOR file. This is the Delivery Forecast.
    On this task, we will check if they can receive our test DELJIT using their valid mailbox ID. Suppliers also take time here to make sure that their system can correctly interpret DELJIT. This is the shipping schedule.
    On this task, we will now setup them to our test environment to see if their DESADV can be translated successfully on our end.
    Once they have submitted a compliant DESADV (error free), we will now approve them to be moved into production for PRODUCTION SETUP. this step asks for the supplier's assurance that they are ready to go live.
    We now set them up on our production environment so that they can begin doing business with Aptiv. This step confirms the setup details to make sure that we setup the right EDI ID.
    If the supplier decides to add-up other divisions as well after their certification testing, they just need to fill this task up and inform us so that we can add them up in SAP only.

Web EDI Option
Aptiv Electronic Message Expectation

EDI is the preferred method of electronic message communication with all suppliers. Suppliers who are currently using EDI with Aptiv will be expected to continue using EDIFACT EDI via an interconnect to the GXS Value Added Network (VAN).

For suppliers not currently conducting EDI with Aptiv and with small to medium-sized shipment volumes, Aptiv is providing an alternative to conventional EDI and the GXS Network requirements.

Supplier Requirements to Use the Web EDI option:

  • Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 or above is strongly recommended when using Web EDI.  IE 6.0 can be downloaded at no cost from
  • The Web EDI solution requires Internet Explorer to have 128-bit encryption.
  • The Web EDI Label function requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 which can be downloaded no cost at

How It Works


Aptiv EDI will send the supplier SAP business documents that are converted to EDIFACT messages. For suppliers using EDI, these EDIFACT messages will be sent via the GXS VAN Network or via OFTP directly to suppliers for conversion into their applications.

Web EDI Option

The Web EDI (VWE) solution will provide a way for Aptiv and its suppliers to exchange production forecasts, production ship releases and ship notification information electronically.  Small to medium-sized suppliers will be able to use a standard web browser through the Internet to receive and send this information, thereby not requiring an expensive investment in traditional EDI technologies.  VWE will also provide the ability to print bar-code labels for product shipments.

The Aptiv Global Web EDI application supports five types of messages that will be exchanged between suppliers and Aptiv.  The application supports connections to multiple backend systems at Aptiv, and is customized based on whether a supplier provides parts to European or North American Aptiv sites.  To accommodate these customizations, there are different sections in this document denoted by "North American Version" or "European Version".

Suppliers will send messages back to Aptiv by filling in forms on their personal computer using the Aptiv Global Web EDI Application. The application will access the Aptiv WebServer on the internet to automatically upload the messages. The Aptiv web server converts the files sent to EDI EDIFACT message and sends them to the Aptiv Vega application.

For information on getting set-up or to find out if your company qualifies for the Web EDI Option, please contact the Aptiv Helpdesk at 1-877-7Delphi (prompt 4, prompt 4), for International Suppliers please call +1-915-774-6599 (prompt 4, prompt 4).

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