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Will all Aptiv plants transmit 20 weeks of planning data?
No, the number of planning weeks differs across Aptiv divisions. When Aptiv divisions convert to SAP, they will continue to support the same number of planning weeks they used in legacy.

Will planning dates be continuous or follow a pattern?
The planning dates are assigned to requirement quantities. There may be a pattern, but suppliers should plan for requirements any day of the week.

Will zeros be transmitted in the DELFOR and DELJIT?
Yes, zero requirements will be transmitted. If the entire release has zero requirements, then only the first occurrence will contain a zero.

At what time will the DELFOR be sent?
Most of the EDI DELFORs are transmitted late Monday night / early Tuesday morning; what division(s) you supply to will determine the time.

When do the DELJITS go out?
Most EDI Data: DELJITs should go out weekly with the DELFOR, however they can go out as often as multiple times a day, as schedules require.
Delco Electronics - Singapore: DELFOR/DELJITS go out as early as Sunday night.

What do I do if parts are going to the incorrect DUNS number?
Contact buyer to correct issue/releases.

Can we use existing Van Id's (DUNS numbers)?
Yes, ANX velocity accepts all trading partner COM Codes / Ids.  Discuss your trading partner set up options with your EDI Certification team member.

I am receiving both a DELFOR and a DELJIT, we used to only receive 862, what is the difference?
The DELJIT is a Just in Time Delivery Schedule, this is the document that you should ship against. The DELFOR is a Delivery Schedule that the supplier should use to schedule the production of products and possible delivery of products.

Can you retransmit the data from yesterday?
The easiest way to get data back that we sent is to call the Aptiv Help Desk at 1-877-7Aptiv (1-877-733-5744) and open a case for the DELP_SAP_EDI_SUPPLIER queue. They will be able to assist you with your request.

What is the PO number?
For MRP/Shipment data it is transmitted in the REF segment of the DELJIT with the qualifier of AAN, it is also referred to as the Delivery Schedule number.
For Kanban data it is transmitted in the RFF segment of the DELJIT with the qualifier of ON.
In the DESADV it should be transmitted back in the RFF+ON segment (for both MRP and Kanban).