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EDI at a Glance

EDI Contact Information

EDI includes the following applications and processes:

  • SAP R/3
  • EDI with suppliers using EDIFACT
  • SAP R/3 KANBAN Process
  • EDI Communication via the GXS VAN

A "Getting Started Guide" is available for the Aptive EDI Program. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 4.0 or higher to view the file. You can download Acrobat Reader here.

EDI Getting Started Guide

Project Information and Supplier Requirements

Suppliers must communicate electronically utilizing the EDI standard. Suppliers must be capable of electronically receiving the following EDI EDIFACT messages:


  • DELFOR - Weekly Planning Schedules (similar to the ANSI 830 message)
  • DELJIT - Daily Shipment Plan (similar to the ANSI 862 message)
  • APERAK - Application Error and Acknowledgement (like ANSI-824)
  • CONTRL - Acknowledgement/Rejection Notice (like ANSI-997)
  • RECADV - Receiving Advice (like ANSI-861)
  • GENRAL - General Purpose (like ANSI-864)
  • ORDERS - Purchase Order (like ANSI-850)
  • ORDCHG - Purchase Order Change Request (likeANSI-860)

Suppliers must be able to electronically send the following EDI EDIFACT messages:

  • DESADV - Advanced Shipment Notification (similar to the ANSI 856 message)
  • CONTRL - Acknowledgement/Rejection notice (like ANSI-997)

Note:  Testing will only be conducted on the DELFOR/DELJIT and the DESADV.  Suppliers are responsible for being able to process the APERAK/CONTRL/RECADV on their own.

Suppliers must complete the EDI certification testing with the Aptiv EDI Certification team.  All Aptiv EDI will be transmitted to and from the GXS Value-Added Network (VAN).  Aptiv will no longer be providing EDS*Elite mailboxes to their suppliers.  Suppliers have three connectivity options when conducting EDI with Aptiv:

·          Suppliers may either continue to utilize their EDS mailbox at their own expense

·          Purchase a mailbox directly on GXS

·          Interconnect to GXS using a VAN of their choice

Small volume suppliers not capable of conducting EDI with Aptiv may discuss possible alternate solutions with their EDI Certification team member.

The EDI standards are in place to eliminate manual processing at the plants.  Failing to send advance ship notices will not be tolerated, and may result in cost recovery / PR & R actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suppliers may review the Frequently Asked Questions document for more information about EDI.

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